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The industrial steel structure building is the future of the real estate market, it has many advantages.The speed of construction, flexibility and design efficiency of these types of buildings are huge advantages.When a building is commissioned, clients always want it completed as soon as possible so that they can use it for their intended purpose, whether that's starting their own business or renting it out to other businesses or sometimes even selling it to other businesses.

Rapid construction is one of the main advantages of steel construction.Most of the steel components needed to construct the structure are manufactured on site, including any protective coating that may be needed.At the construction site, this is mainly an assembly operation where all the various steel structures need to be bolted together.

Because of this special method, steel structures can be built faster than conventional brick-and-concrete structures.Rapid construction allows time-sensitive businesses, such as logistics companies and retailers, to get up and running more quickly, resulting in a faster return on investment than a conventional concrete building


Items Specification
Main steel frame Colume Q235,Q355 welded H section steel
Beam Q235,Q355 welded H section steel




Secondary frame

Purlin Q235 C and Z purlin
Knee brace Q235 angle steel
Tie rod Q235 circular steel pipe
Brace A235 round bar
Vertical and horizontal support Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe
Maintenance system Roof panel EPS sandwich panel/glass fiber sandwich panel/rock wool sandwich panel/Pu sandwich panel/steel sheet
Wall panel Sandwich panel/corrugated steel sheet



Window Aluminium alloy window/PVC window/sandwich panel window
Door Sliding sandwich panel door/rolling metal door/personal door
Rainspout PVC
Live load on roof In 120kg/sqm(color steel panel surrounded)
Wind resistance grade 12 grades
Earthquake-resistance 8 grades
Structure usage Up to 50 years
Finishing options Vast array of colors and textures available
Paint options Alkyd paiting, two primary paiting, two finish paiting(Gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) or galvanized


Packing and transport:


All the structure components, panels,bolts and sort of accessories will bewell packed with standard package suitable ocean transportation and loaded into 40’HQ.

All the products are loaded at the loading site of our factory using crane and forklift by our skilled workers,who will prevent the goods to be damaged.

EPS Sandwich Panel Prefabricated Steel Building Industrial Steel Framed Buildings 0


Design and testing


EPS Sandwich Panel Prefabricated Steel Building Industrial Steel Framed Buildings 1

EPS Sandwich Panel Prefabricated Steel Building Industrial Steel Framed Buildings 2 


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