We have strict Quality Control Department to control the quality including inspection for raw steel material & welding quality & painting. Third-party inspection is welcomed.

Raw steel material:

We demand the steel miles issuing mill certificate. If you need, we could also ask for the Third-party laboratory to test report for raw steel material.

  • Mill certificate for raw steel plate

  • Steel physical properties test report issued by Third-party laboratory

  • Chemical composition test report issued by Third-party laboratory

Welding quality

Our inspectors will check the quality of steel components for each process, such as does it have oxidized scale,slag on the steel plate after flame cutting, does it have crack, surface blowhole, undercut for welding line, welding height, etc, we could take Ultrasonic test(UT) and magnetic particle test(MT) as your request.

  • Welding line test

  • Ultrasonic Test by Third-party inspection

  • Ultrasonic Test Report by Third-party inspection


It mainly includes three factor for paint quality: Derusting grade, Thickness of dry film, Painting adhesion.

  • Derusting grade: We use shot blasting machine to guarantee derusting quality

  • Thickness of dry film testing

  • Cross cut test for paint adhesion

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